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International Staff Deployment

Actemium INP is a global company that supports European OEM machinery suppliers. Europe – with Germany as its forerunner – are the world’s largest machine suppliers. The international deployment of staff is necessary to some degree, but expensive and difficult in the light of terrorism and toughening international travel and immigration restrictions. These OEM’s know this well and look to Actemium INP as a resource that can relieve some of these challenges and cost.

Countries like the United States, Canada, and Mexico are lucrative markets for manufacturing and the use of European machinery and automation products. The United States and Canada, in particular, have some of the most stringent travel and immigration restrictions in the world. These limitations in obtaining VISAs introduce delays in getting the internal OEM staff to the place of need at the time they need it. A disciplined process and strategic anticipation are required to make it all work well. The tax and legal landscape in each of these countries make it less than attractive to keep OEM engineering and technicians in the country on a permanent basis

Actemium INP has a strong presence in all three of these countries and does in a cost effective way for the European OEM.

We have the strategic anticipation and discipline to:

  • Provide supplemental workforce/staffing – we build the right crew for you to finish your project on time. Supervisors, electricians, technicians, etc…
  • We help ease and speed up VISA and other business license application processes
  • We match and introduce you to the most experienced tax and legal advisers to meet your needs in navigating the global marketplace
  • We provide your employees with the complete set-up required to operate in a different country (housing, mobility, bank account, and more) so that they can focus on the job

Actemium INP is your go-to resource for support on the North American continent.

Reference Projects

Please click on the titles to view the project details. If you require any details about our clients or projects, please call Actemium INP at any time or send us an e-mail at

Thyssen Krupp Bilstein 
Location: Hamilton, OH, USA

Location: Lavonia, Georgia, USA

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