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Installation Supervision

Actemium INP is a worldwide operation that understands that the globalization of the world economy introduces some “inconveniences” for the European OEM in serving the North American market. One of those inconveniences is providing expert engineers and technicians at local North American locations in a cost-effective way. Actemium INP solves that dilemma for the European OEM in creating a win-win proposition for both the OEM and the North American Company.

Actemium INP is an integral part of the previously mentioned worldwide operation which allows us to develop a close relationship with global companies including European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that have superior technology when it comes to production line machinery and associated automation systems. We develop a close relationship with these OEM’s at the site of their European operations. That way, we can work alongside their internal technical teams, learning their systems, and transferring that knowledge back to the American marketplace by hiring American engineers, training them at the OEM site, and returning them to North America for providing an OEM experience that is fresh and relevant.

The value of Actemium INP to the European OEM is that we are there to supplement OEM technical teams during installation and commissioning as well as providing a quality assurance (QA) function for you in keeping an independent, trained eye on how the work is proceeding. We will already know some the OEM technical team members and be able to help in establishing a good rapport between the U.S. Company technical operations team and the OEM.

Other services we provide includes:

  • The performance of preliminary site inspections to provide critical information for project initiation and planning.
  • Review of all electrical and signal drawings to ensure they are compatible with North American Company plant layout.
  • Monitor time management considerations from the project management point of view to ensure that costs are being kept in line with original estimates and the project completion date remains achievable.
  • Quality assurance (QA) to inspect and validate the installation for safety and technical correctness.
  • Perform independent functional tests at pre-commissioning to confirm proper power up and input/output (I/O) continuity.

Actemium INP is your life-cycle resource that starts with making sure the initial installation is done with high quality which will lead to reliability and increased production rates from the outset.

Reference Projects

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Location: Gadson, Alabama, USA

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