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Commissioning, Training, Production Support

Actemium INP is an international company that works and trains in close cooperation with many European original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and has first-hand knowledge of their equipment.

The migration of engineering best practices from the automation of production line machinery based on European standards to a market in the United States presents a challenge in process implementation and obtaining the experienced skill set of the engineers and technicians. These skill sets are needed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the automated features and interoperability of European machinery. The customers’ expectations must be satisfied and the promise of increased productivity and reliability in commissioning a new production line delivered.

Actemium INP’s staff of engineers and technicians provide the resources to meet those challenges head-on and provide the confidence and ability to succeed in training your existing workforce in the different and unique automation capabilities of European machinery. Our Commissioning Engineering team is focused on meeting the focused needs of each and every customer. Not only do our Commissioning Engineers demonstrate a wide range of technical skills, but precision is their first and foremost mission. Integrity motivates our engineers to ensure effective communication between owners, designers, and contractors while working side by side with them on site. We guarantee a smooth project delivery process that is cost effective and deadline driven. We will work as part of your integrated team in performing functional verification, input/output checks, and performance verification using manual and automated methods. Our involvement doesn’t end with a successful commissioning of the new production line. We will work with you in a support capacity by providing expert and experienced production support where needed through both remote monitoring and embedded engineering resources within your production team. Actemium INP will stay with you 24/7 as long as needed until your in-house team has gained the knowledge necessary to perform at peak efficiency.

Our goal is to migrate our knowledge and expertise to your team in the most effective and natural way possible.

Reference Projects

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Location: Honolulu, HI, USA

Location: Flowery Branch, GA, USA
System/Technology: Onsite Training

Location: Palos Heights, IL, USA

Location: Flowery Branch, GA, USA

Evergreen Elementary
Location: Tacoma, WA, USA

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