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To provide effective consulting services, you have to be an expert at something. Actemium INP is an expert in European production machinery and automated control systems. We can take you from start to finish on the most complex project and provide a turnkey operation with a system that works as it was intended to work. That’s the easy part of consulting. There is a corollary to that rule that says: “you have to be an expert as well as be able to do everything else.”

While it may be true that companies hire Actemium INP for our expertise on European production systems. After the initial assessment is completed, the customer realizes that their company’s challenge requires a whole different skill set. Actemium INP has mastered the skill of empathic listening so that we thoroughly understand every company’s needs. We empathize with the situation and do not just walk away. We find a solution and present it to our customers.

Actemium INP is your guide and partner throughout the entire project, and our assistance extends to both sides of the Atlantic.

Our team, which consists of German-American technicians and engineers, has the experience necessary for delivery, installation, and the commissioning of European machines and systems. Not only that, but our specialists provide first-class expertise in automation technology and electrical energy management. If additional expertise is needed to complete the job, we find it and bring it to bear as a managed part of the project.

We also provide services such as our human resource division, which is available to answer your questions about international staff deployment and reduce the churn and confusion of getting your people to where they need to be. This includes visa preparation, tax and legal advice, staffing, and also providing employees with the complete set-up required to operate in a different country (housing, mobility, bank account, and more.)

Companies come to a consultant for several reasons. The first one being that they don’t have the time or resources to come up with an answer on their own. Actemium INP’s job in consulting with our customers is to be that problem solver and make their life easier.