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After Sales Services

Actemium INP North America is in the business of completing complex sales of European production line machinery and automation systems to customers in North America. The sales characteristics of these complex systems demand a well thought out risk strategy for after sales service.

  1. These products are usually multi-faceted and customized to the needs of the buyer.
  2. Customer production line personnel must go through a learning curve in
    understanding how to use the equipment efficiently.
  3. Commissioning and training on the new equipment requires coordinated and
    specialized performance by personnel of both the seller and the buyer.
  4. The sale of these machinery and automation systems represents a critical factor for
    the well-being of the buying company, especially since the perceived risks are high.
  5. The purchase of this European OEM machinery and automation systems is a
    significant investment by your customer that must be protected.

Actemium INP’s role in these complex sales does not end with the delivery of the equipment. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you want to make sure that your business will bring profitable and repeat business in the future. We accomplish this by having teams of technicians and engineers that are trained on the European OEM systems for the purpose of providing expert support in the commissioning, training, and production support after the sale is complete and the system installed.

Actemium INP works as your local representative in coordination with your customer’s production teams. We provide expert knowledge during the installation and commissioning process, as well as training support to raise the level of proficiency with customer implementation for your staff. Also, we provide production support to get the new production line operational as smoothly and efficiently as possible. During the phase that follows the commissioning and turnover of the new equipment, Actemium INP will negotiate an Escalation Contract or Service Level Agreement between you and your customer to cover repairs and replacement of parts that fail prematurely, subject to any warranties and guarantees between you and the end user – your customer. Actemium INP handles all paperwork with the customer on your behalf.

Actemium INP directly serves the North American customer once all OEM responsibilities have been completed and signed off by your customer. We are available to act as the local system expert to address break/fix service calls. If the repairs require specialized OEM intervention, Actemium INP takes on the responsibility of arranging those maintenance visits to keep your customers’ production lines operating efficiently.

Actemium INP knows that future, upgrades and system conversions are vital to incorporate new technology, increased levels of automation and integration across the entire production line. Actemium INP is available to set up the project for initiation and work with you and your customer to ensure completion was satisfactory and timely.

After sales service is a strategy that cannot be ignored. Actemium INP understands that and will support you as a supplier of European machinery and automation systems so you will have repeat future business.