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Service & Maintenance

Actemium INP is an electrical engineering and services company with a presence in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We specialize in industrial automation focusing on European technologies such as Siemens, ABB and their migration to and from domestic technologies. The mixture of American and European engineers and technicians provides us with the technology expertise required to fulfill these tasks in an international environment.

Actemium INP has been recognized for corporate quality through a rigorous qualification processes. At Actemium INP, we can ensure top-of-the-line project quality and a distinct competitive advantage, with the Solution Partners’ certified technical competence. We are held to a high standard as a solution partner of Siemens products and services in automation and drive technology.

The service and maintenance of power generation equipment is a critical capability that meets the needs of our customers. Those requirements typically break down into one of two disciplines:

  1. Instrumentation and Control (I&C)
  2. Electrical (MV & HV Medium and High Voltage applications)

I&C is where we deal mainly with Siemens control systems (T3000, TXP, Simadyn D, PCS7, TDC, and WinCC). However, we also service ABB, Alstom, Mitsubishi and Woodward control systems. These systems are used to control the Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, HRSG’s (Heat Recovery Steam Generators) and BOP (Balance of Plant) equipment (e.g. cooling water systems, etc..

The services we provide include:

  • Recommissioning of combustion systems (e.g. changing the fuel source from oil to natural gas).
  • Recalibration and reprogramming of the control system to guarantee optimal operation of a combustion turbine.
  • Troubleshooting to find out what is causing the system to malfunction or not run efficiently.

Electrical work focuses on troubleshooting, maintenance, service on Excitation systems, SFC (Static Frequency Converter); Protection relays ( to protect Transformers, Generators and Transmission lines); Switchgear; GIS and AIS (Gas or Air insulated Switchgear). We specialize in Siemens products (RG3, RG3s, Thyripol, SFC-SES Combo, Siprotec 4) but also service ABB, GE and SEL products.

Actemium INP’s engineers are the best you will find and are right here in North America. They have the knowledge and expertise of instrumentation, controls, and the electrical systems that make it all work. These technical teams are very smart about gas and steam turbine operation enabling them to fine tune the control system to perfection in making the system as efficient as possible.

Reference Projects

Please click on the titles to view the project details. If you require any details about our clients or projects, please call Actemium INP at any time or send us an e-mail at

Location: Naisa Pete, Guatemala

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