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Quality Assurance

At Actemium INP, quality assurance and risk management work hand in hand to identify, assess, and prioritize the effect of uncertainty in supervising and commissioning your new power generation projects. Quality risk management allows the coordinated and economical application of resources to solve problems with material deficiencies and performance degradations.

Quality control is just as important as installation supervision and commissioning because, without it, the project will go off the critical path, cost more money and fail to meet capability expectations. Your power plant is in good hands with Actemium INP. We will help you meet all standards and government regulations plus validate any materials before and after manufacturing through rigorous testing. Actemium INP holds all of our engineers to a high level of compliance with quality assurance best practices and makes certain that they are aware of recent industry trends before setting foot on the job site.

Actemium INP has profound and diverse experience with American and European technologies related to power generation and transmission. Our knowledge of these systems and equipment include those technologies shaping the future of the industry.

Our range and depth of experience in North America include projects completed for Siemens Energy, ALSTOM, and Voith Hydropower.

Reference Projects

Please click on the titles to view the project details. If you require any details about our clients or projects, please call Actemium INP at any time or send us an e-mail at

Location: Washington DC, USA
System/Technology: GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgears)

Companies We Work With