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Break/Fix Services

In a production line industrial environment, “line down” are the two most-feared words for any line manager. Productivity ceases and the prime directive is to get the line started again. The Actemium INP field engineer is your best option to get that line back up and running quickly. Our success in being able to do that for our customers can be summed up in three words; preparation, anticipation, and preparedness.

We prepare in several ways:

  1. We train our field engineers to become Siemen’s Certified Partners. It takes the best to train the best.
  2. We get to know your equipment as well as, if not better, than your own production line managers and operators. We talk to them and understand their concerns and ideas.
  3. We are responsive. If we don’t have a field engineer embedded with your organization, we will have one there promptly and ready to work.
  4. We have supertech teams that can deploy on a moment’s notice to fault isolate and repair your equipment.
  5. We resource parts and material well before anything breaks based on the equipment maintenance history and know where to get it when we need it if it’s not already in your spare parts inventory based on our recommendations.

Actemium INP anticipation is a factor of accurate predictive analytics through monitoring key equipment indicators and preventing the failure before it shuts down the production line for extended periods of time. A ten-minute slowdown to fix an impending failure beats a two-day shutdown any day.

Actemium INP preparedness is anticipation taken to the next level. Our field service engineers are cross-trained and encouraged to work across project boundaries in gaining a deep understanding in control systems, automation, and mechatronics. We bring the experience of many different industrial production line systems to bear on the problems you face.

  1. We are experts on Siemen’s PLC’s using an array of step 7 PLC supplement programs.
  2. We can help you when your legacy equipment is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
  3. Actemium INP can supplant your former maintenance support contractor if they are no longer responding to your service requests.
  4. We can replace your missing systems documentation and technical material including software descriptions if needed.
  5. Actemium INP specializes in repairing or replacing obsolete mechatronics components based on the best cost option.

Actemium INP will inventory your production line systems and understand our ability to maintain each element of the production line. We will educate our filed service engineers on what we don’t know and bring what we do know to bear on improving and optimizing what you have. We will be on-call 24/7.

Reference Projects

Please click on the titles to view the project details. If you require any details about our clients or projects, please call Actemium INP at any time or send us an e-mail at

Location: Lavonia, Georgia, USA

Location: Lavonia, Georgia, USA
Technical: Data tracking and new HMI page

Location: Lavonia, Georgia, USA
Technical: Install new CF card for SCR blow mold #4 line

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