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Industrial Solutions

for the American Markets

Actemium INP has always been sought for its expertise in industrial electrical control systems by the manufacturing industry. They know that Actemium INP has the detailed knowledge and experience with the technology and companies that supply these automation systems that will optimize their production lines to meet the need for a high level of on-time performance. Profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace depend on it.

Actemium INP understands that control of systems involves working with many different technologies that are integrated to achieve desired patterns of variations of operational parameters and sequences for machines and systems by providing the input signals necessary. Then, those signals are monitored at the output for required responses. Those responses are then analyzed for feedback to the input signals to keep or adjust the outputs to remain in the desired range of operation.

Industrial Automation thus becomes a discipline that requires knowledge and expertise from many different branches of engineering including electrical, electronics, chemical, mechanical, communications and more recently computer and software engineering. Automation and control, by its very nature, demand technicians, and engineers that are cross-trained in these skills so that they can work efficiently as a team in supporting the customer. Actemium INP’s technical teams have those qualities as proven by the diversity of our client base in the paper processing industry, water treatment systems, and automobile manufacturing.

Industrial and manufacturing processes are structured and must be controlled at many different levels. Actemium INP engineering teams can enter any project, at any stage and perform the task from initiation to closure or anywhere in between (planning, execution, performance) and have the flexibility to contribute to the success of the job be it a new installation or modernization/retrofit of an existing one.

Actemium INP is customer-focused, always in the mode of cost-optimizing the systems we work with, and keeping them secure from being hacked or controlled by anyone except the equipment operators.


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