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Actemium INP Automotive is a unique division of Actemium INP providing quality risk management for the automotive industry. Our services include mechanical, technical, and engineering services supporting automotive OEM’s and their suppliers. Actemium INP’s pledge is to provide the most capable team of technicians, mechanics, and engineers that establishes Actemium INP as the preferred service and support provider in the automotive industry.

Actemium INP Automotive provides supplier representation services for the auto industry. In that role, Actemium INP acts as the go-between for Tier 1 vendors and the automaker. This is an international service that takes advantage of INP’s global presence at both the vendor and OEM locations in places like Germany, Mexico, Canada, and the USA (among others). Our supplier representative is also a skilled resident engineer at the OEM sites and can weigh in on issues that require a technical evaluation as well as one of supply and demand.

Standard tasks of the Actemium INP Supplier Representative/Resident Engineer includes:

  • Frequent (daily/weekly) visits to the OEM location
  • Face-to-face communication with OEM representatives in different departments (Quality, Assembly, Rework, Logistics), as well as other companies involved (e.g. sorting company).
  • Pro-Active: Review, observation, and evaluation of critical processes in Logistics (shipping, handling of materials), Assembly (handling, assembly, tools/machines), and Quality (SQE/QSB operations, testing, rework operations)

Premium services that can also be provided by the Actemium INP Supplier Representative/Resident Engineer include:

  • Immediate response and evaluation of quality issues by conducting face-to-face meetings within minutes or hours
  • Real-time dispute resolution of the issue if it is not the supplier’s fault minimizing paperwork and reporting (e.g. 8D-report).
  • Rework parts on the OEM site to keep costs down and production up

The provision of a well-rounded Actemium INP Team exclusively includes team members with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You will not find a better motivated, flexible and operationally ready team in the industry. Actemium INP provides a competitive benefits package that leads to minimum turnover of personnel with the resultant stability of our workforce. We focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and precision of workmanship.

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