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Automotive Services

INP TEQ Automotive is a unique division of INP North America providing quality/risk management, consulting, and after sales service to the automotive industry. Our services include mechanical, technical, and engineering services supporting automotive OEM’s and their suppliers. INP TEQ’s pledge is to provide the most capable team of technicians, mechanics, and engineers that establish INP TEQ as the preferred service and support provider in the automotive industry.

INP TEQ provides supplier representation consulting services for the auto industry. In that role, INQ TEQ acts as the go-between between Tier 1 vendors and the automaker. This is an international service that takes advantage of INP’s global presence at both the vendor and OEM locations in places like Germany, Mexico, Canada and the USA among others. Our supplier consultant is also a skilled resident engineer at the OEM sites and can weigh in on issues that require a technical evaluation as well as one of supply and demand.

INP TEQ specializes in providing sorting and inspection of parts as an after sales services for Tier 1 suppliers. These services provide an effort to identify parts/components that may fail prematurely at the sophisticated and granular levels that may escape detection in routine fault analysis. INP TEQ has the engineers and technicians with a specialized technical skill set to perform this task.

Our INP TEQ teams are automotive industry leaders in providing this kind of support. Beyond the professional qualifications and experience, our TEQ teams have exceptional interpersonal and communications skills to be able to transfer that knowledge to your industry teams. With a TEQ team at your side, we empower your operation with the most advanced operational team in the industry.


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