Chris Peak
Safety and Site Manager

Working with INP North America is an experience like nothing I have ever been a part of. The collective group of personalities, cultures, and expertise is second to none. Each person brings something to the group that is unique and cannot be taught in school. However, the best part is INP will always back their employees. The management group will do what they can to try to help you in any way. Honestly, I cannot remember one single day where I dreaded going to work.

If I had to say what I think one would experience of working at INP, I would have to say fellowship. When I say fellowship I mean it in a sense of everyone seems to be genuinely happy to help and join one another when it is time to do so. Just like a family does. I could cite many examples of this and could go on all day. If you ever meet me, ask me. I could tell stories that you would never believe unless you were there. It is an honest to goodness great place to work. Everyone in life has a handful of moments that define them as a person in their professional career and their personal life. I personally can say without a shadow of a doubt the day that I began working at INP (many years ago) changed my life completely for the better. I have been able to see the world, met many extraordinary people, learned of many cultures and languages, and have been able to find that I can do things that I never thought that I had the ability to do or would have ever dreamed possible. I know that no matter what, my INP family will always be there and I will always be there for them.